Air Quality

Breathe Easier in Your Indoor Spaces

Breathe Easier in Your Indoor Spaces

From HALO UV light to humidifier installation, we do it all in Pasco, WA

Tired of allergy attacks or seeing dust in the air? Turn to Honest Air to find solutions to your air quality problems in Pasco, WA. We offer a variety of services to improve your residential or commercial air quality, including:

Dehumidifier and humidifier installation services
Filter and filter system installation services
Air scrubber installation services

Call 509-567-7077 today to schedule anything from air scrubber to humidifier installation services.

How can a HALO UV light improve your air quality?

This technology has grown in popularity since the spread of COVID-19. HALO UV light technology:

Uses electricity to charge hydrogen and oxygen molecules that clean the air
Offers whole-home coverage once it's installed in the HVAC ducts
Is used in the U.S. and abroad to battle a variety of infectious diseases

This solution to your air quality problems will minimize the impact of harmful viruses, pollutants and dust at your property in Pasco, WA. To learn more about HALO UV light technology and our installation process, contact us today.